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Envision Co., Ltd. is an international specialist executive search firm with over five decades of strong personal relationships via our partners across USA and Asia with our presence in Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York and Honolulu.

We focus on finding top tier multi-lingual talent for our Japan-based global client firms as well as local companies across the nation.

With our long standing relationships in the Asian market we have built a strong network amongst a large number of clients and highly-skilled candidates.  Our strong industry experienced partners can help you find the perfect fit candidates for your organization’s critical hiring needs across the executive suite level.


For our Clients

Envision-JPN Executive RecruitmentFinding the best fit executive team for your organization can be an extremely challenging and time consuming task for any firm. Receiving mountains of paper and emailed resumes, that often take your valuable time to screen. Then making decisions with the limited knowledge you may have about each person and likely ranking candidates that have the best written resumes in order to be met.

However these resumes can only tell you a snapshot of information on each candidate’s skills, education and qualifications.

This is just the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of truly understanding the person you plan to invest in. Often times this paper screening often times may result in potential mis-hires in key executive roles.

To ensure a successful hire, our seasoned professionals conduct technical, competency-based interviews and soft skill assessments with each candidate face-to-face to fully understand who is actually behind each elaborately written resume.

Allow our seasoned executive search team of professionals help you screen and present only the caliber of candidates which closely fit both your position’s skill requirements and most importantly your firm’s unique culture.

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